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frequently asked questions
  • What is Under The Sea Playground?
    We are an indoor playground for kids. Suitable for kids 1-12 years old.
  • Are socks required?
    Yes! But any socks are fine so bring your own.
  • Do we do birthday parties?
    Yes! We do. Please view our Parties & Packages page for more information.
  • Is Under The Sea Playground open every day for open play?
    Yes! Please view our homepage for hours.
  • Does Under The Sea close for private parties? How can we find out?
    Yes, sometimes. We do sometimes on Fridays or Sundays. We do post that on our homepage or Facebook page with the closing times.
  • Does the cafeteria have any vegan options?
    Yes, we have vegan options. You can view them on our menu page.
  • Can I bring my own cake for a birthday party?
  • Can you bring your own decorations?
    Yes! But we have a few restrictions: -No wall decorations -No glitter decor on the tables -No balloons with graffiti inside them
  • If we are having a party, Can we order extra food for adults?
    Yes! You can view our menu and party platter menu here.
  • Do you have free wifi?
    Yes, we do.
  • Do you sell gift certificates?
    Yes, we do! They are available at our location.
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